Historical Novels

A warm and witty Regency tale of second chance love.

  Little Foxbury, Norfolk, 1818

Meg is in her mid-twenties, grief-stricken and all but on the shelf after the death of her beloved fiance, John. The last thing she expects is an immediate attraction to Nicholas, Lord Ashham, newly arrived in their Norfolk area to take up the title of his departed father – who was indeed a wicked Baron. Artistic Nicholas is cut from a different cloth – can Meg help him escape the stain of the past without damaging her own, spotless reputation, and become a bride at last

A fan of Bridgerton? Then you’ll love this charming Regency romance novella.

Elizabeth MacDonald, made a widow at Waterloo, is determined to keep herself and her son away from anything military. Gavan Sunderland, her husband’s captain, is determined to teach her son the bagpipes, so he can be a piper like his father. When two strong-willed people clash at Christmas time, will the result be disaster or lasting happiness?

Revised and updated. Previously published in the 12 Rogues of Christmas anthology

If you devoured THE CROWN you will love this exuberant story of a young Australian actress caught up in the excesses, royal intrigues and class divide of Jazz Age London, losing her way but reclaiming her heart in the process

London, 1920s: Kit Scott, a privileged young Australian aiming to become a star, arrives in the city to find the Jazz Age in full swing. Cast in a West End play opposite another young hopeful, Canadian Zeke Gardiner, she dances blithely into the heady lifestyle of English high society and the London theatre set, from Noel Coward to Fred Astaire and his sister, Adele.

In 1914, Evelyn Northey desperately wants to become a doctor, but her medico father has forbidden it. Undaunted, Evelyn becomes a nurse, just in time to enlist as an Army nurse in World War I.

She vows she will never marry –  never give another man control over her life. In Egypt, she nurses the wounded from Gallipoli (including Jimmy Hawkins from The Soldier’s Wifeand there falls in love with Dr William Brent, an ex-polio victim who believes that his disability makes him unfit to marry.

Italy at war…

Rebecca Quinn comes to Italy in 1917 with her husband Jack, both foreign correspondents reporting on the Royal Australian Navy’s fight against German U-boats in the Adriatic Sea.  Rebecca wants to use this opportunity to break out of the Women’s Pages and prove that women can equal male journalists in resolve and ability.

While Jack pursues a story behind enemy lines, Rebecca works with Italian-American photographer Alessandro Panucci, fighting against prejudice in a man’s world of naval warfare and cutthroat journalism.  But Jack, it turns out, isn’t as supportive of her career as she had thought, and Sandro is far too attractive for her peace of mind…

War bride Margaret Dalton arrives in Sydney as happy as she’s ever been – expecting to meet her ANZAC husband Frank on the dock.

But Frank is not there, and Army records show that he was married before he joined up – and has a daughter.

Devastated, Margaret has to make a new life for herself in Australia all alone. She has a friend in Sergeant Tom McBride (whom you may remember from The Soldier’s Wife) and finds her feet and the promise of a good life, and a new love.

Sydney, 1915…

World War One brings tragedy and loss – and sweeping change for those left at home.

Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins are sure their love will survive the trauma of the war.  Amid the desperate battles of the Dardanelles, Jimmy dreams of the future they planned together; in Sydney, Ruby reads his letters full of love and longing.

But as weeks slip into months Ruby must forge her own new life to survive.  When she takes a job as a bookkeeper at an inner-city timber merchant’s yard…

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