The Poppy McGowan Mysteries

Digging Up Dirt

When your builder finds bones under the floor of your heritage home, what do you do? For TV researcher Poppy McGowan, the first step is to find out if the bones are human (which means calling in the cops and delaying her renovations) or animal (which doesn’t).

Unfortunately, ‘help’ comes in the form of Dr Julieanne Weaver, archaeologist, political hopeful, and Poppy’s old enemy. She declares the bones evidence of a rare breed of fat-tailed sheep, and slaps a heritage order on the site. The resultant archaeological dig introduces Poppy to Tol Lang, the best-looking archaeologist she’s ever met – and also Julieanne’s boyfriend.

An A-List For Death

Shooting for fame could end your career … and your life. A sparkling mystery from a stylish new voice in crime fiction, in a book that will delight fans of Richard Osman and Kerry Greenwood.

TV researcher Poppy McGowan has never sought the spotlight and is none too happy to be photographed with rock god Nathan Castle. When the photo pops up on celebrity gossip sites, it sparks a media feeding frenzy, forcing Poppy to go to ground, don a wig, and pull some nifty moves to escape a tailing car. And she cops abuse from Nathan’s outraged fans.

None of this would have happened if Poppy had not found Nathan’s mother Daisy, one-time glamour girl and elderly best friend of her Aunty Mary, bleeding and unconscious in her bathroom. The police dismiss the case as an accident, but Poppy is sure there are questions to be answered. Who attacked Daisy, and why? Will she come out of her coma? What secrets are her gathering family hiding? What happens to Daisy’s money if she dies?

Fatal Crossing

Breaking a great news story might end up breaking your neck…

 Maybe it’s a good thing that Poppy McGowan, children’s TV researcher, has been seconded to the current affairs show The Daily Report for a month—at least it will take her mind off her boyfriend, Tol, who is about to go off to Jordan in a matter of weeks. Poppy is replacing Jane Mancus, a researcher who died in a car accident. But Detective Chloe Prudhomme isn’t sure it was an accident.

Frustrated by the ABC’s refusal to turn over Jane’s notes, Chloe enlists Poppy as her inside source. But is the key to the death at the ABC, or in Jane’s very rich, very influential, very dysfunctional family?

How far will the killer go to keep everyone silent? And can Poppy unmask a killer, adapt to daily news, and keep her romance with Tol alive?

This intriguing novella fits between An A-List for Death and the forthcoming Murder on the Mosaic.

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