Q.1 Kit is torn between the world of the aristocracy and the world of the theatre. Which would you rather live in?

Q.2 Kit is embarrassed by Zeke’s lack of etiquette at Barrows, her relatives’ estate. How much do you think ‘manners’ matters in choosing a romantic partner? Zeke’s manners improve over the course of the book – do you think Kit would still have ended up with him if they hadn’t?

Q.3 Can someone who has never had to work for a living ever understand the realities of life for most people? Do you think that working in the dress shop was good for Kit?

Q.4. Zeke uses his father’s death as an ‘object lesson’ for Kit. Was he justified in doing that? Was Kit justified in being as angry with him as she was?

Q.5 The Prince of Wales in the book became Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in order to marry Mrs Simpson. Did it surprise you to learn he’d had a long-standing affair with another married woman? What do you think of him as a royal and as a human being?

Q.6 Is Henry redeemable? What do you think will happen to him in the future?

Q.7 We leave Kit and Zeke as lovers but not married. Do you think this is a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now relationship?