UK publication day!

So happy to tell my British readers that The Soldier’s Wife is now out in the UK – in ebook form at the moment, but the hard copy will be coming in October. At the moment, you can buy it here: Amazon UK iBooks Kobo Nook

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iBooks and me

Very glad to be able to share a link to the iBooks Best Books of the Month, on which you will find…. yes, The Soldier’s Wife. It’s a great compliment to the book, and the editorial comments on it made me immediately drag everyone in the house to have a

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To my 12-year-old self

When I was twelve, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I’m not sure, to tell you the truth, whether I wanted to write. I just wanted to be a writer.  I certainly didn’t do any writing when I was a kid, since I went to school in those

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Today was my first ANZAC Day since I finished writing The Soldier’s Wife. Last year it was in the middle of the school holidays and everyone was sick, so it sort of slid past without me noticing much. This year, of course, is the centenary, so the hoop-la is huge.

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The magic of The Book

Yesterday I received my advance copy of The Soldier’s Wife. The actual book. Here it is. I’d had an ARC (advanced reading copy/proof copy) for a couple of months, and it was exciting to get that. But it wasn’t the Real Thing. I was so excited and happy to take

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My new book, coming in March, 2017…

Rebecca Quinn comes to Italy in 1917 with her husband Jack, both foreign correspondents reporting on the Royal Australian Navy’s fight against German U-boats in the Adriatic Sea.  Rebecca wants to use this opportunity to break out of the Women’s Pages and prove that women can equal male journalists in

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